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Funeral Director


Meeting With The Director

Commonly called "The Arrangement Conference" you may meet with a Director at our Chapel in Greenwich Village.


If you do not have Cemetery property our Director will provide information on your options.


At the beginning of the Arrangement Conference you will be given a copy of our Guidetti Funeral Home General Price List. Every service or item we offer with its cost is contained in it. The type of service you wish will be discussed. Chapel, church, synagogue or graveside services are usual options. A dignified selection of Caskets, Urns and Vaults are available for your inspection on premises, along with the Guidetti Funeral Home Casket Price List and Outer Interment Receptacle Price List catalogues to show the specifications and cost of each item.


It is important for those interested in a burial to know that embalming,  is NOT required by law in New York State, unless a viewing takes place.


Will the deceased be dressed in their own clothes, clothing purchased from us or a shroud? Do you have a Minister, Priest, or Rabbi? Our Director will guide you.



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